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Stuor Räitavagge and Nallo

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Heat haze blurs out the contours of Stuor Reaiddavaggi, the valley that leads from Visttasvággi towards Nallo hut. The jagged peak, or needle, belongs to Nállu, for which the mountain is named. Nállu means needle in Sami. The Nallo hut is in the valley behind the needle. This is the high mountain region north of Kebnekaise. The mountain is mainly composed of gabbro, a black or green-black kind of rock that is hard and resistant to erosion. The peaks are high and jagged, while the valleys are deeply carved by glaciers that found their way through regions of rock species with less resistance. It creates a very dramatic landscape.
Picture taken 1999-09-13
Camera direction 223°

From position: Latitude: 68.040697   Longitude: 18.510325
Nallo Nikkaluokta Lappland Sweden   © Copyright: Tomas E Johanson

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