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Suorvajaure at Karnjelapakte

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Low stratus clouds over the lake Suorvájávrre give the impression of clinging to the cliffs at Vakkudavárre. The route down from Ritsem runs along the enormous water storage Ahkajavrre. The area for the dam was originally included in Stora Sjöfallets National Park, but in 1919, 10 years are the park was formed, the Swedish Parliament decided to remove the area from the national park. The advantage of hydroelectric power for society was considered so great that the value of preserving the area was yielded.
Picture taken 2007-07-25
Camera direction 158°

From position: Latitude: 67.5991   Longitude: 18.10802
Suorvajaure Ahkajavrre Lappland Sweden   © Copyright: Tomas E Johanson

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